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this website is the response product of shear desperation at the country politics. not seen any voice that is actually on the left, i feel the need to have an outlet to present what a leftish position would be for the issues of the day. my main concern as a us leftish person is not the conservative or even the neo conservatives but the self named progressive that still spouse and defend right wing agenda. i am referring to positions like the some writers in the new york times, talking heads and msnbc and most writers from the nation.

they act as a last layer of deception where the right bounces their arguments against. so the extreme right wing positions never get to face a real left wing rebutal that will destroy them at the eyes of any observer, instead the face some soft. lukewarm criticism that does not evidence the flaws of (and the ill intentions behind) the right wing position, leaving it alive when it should have been hit with a lighting with an true leftish position.

case in point: the war in iraq. most people believe it was a mistake, some people believe it was wrong but few people, in the main media, get to really discuss the details. you hear the pundits from the "left" saying that it was carried out in a mistaken manner. john kerry famously lost his presidential bid because he grabbed the notion that bush had carried out the war in a mistaken manner and seldom echo the feeling of most americans that the war was wrong from the beginning. you can hear critics of the bush years, say rachel maddow, saying how there was not weapons of mass destruction ever found and that the war was based on "wrong information".

however, you never hear these pundits of the "left" arguing how the war was wrong period. you never hear these pundits arguing how it was based on the greed of the oil corporations to take over a massive oil deposits that the looted with the complicity of the us military. john paul ii, not a leftish figure by any stretch of the imagination, was unambiguous pointing out that the "war was illegal and immoral and the responsible will have to answer to history to man and to god".

if you are surprised to hear this is because you have listened to us media were this has been kept as small secret. yet, nobody in the so called main stream left came close to make such call.

i have been struggling trying to find the us left for a few years and decided to start this page hoping to add my voice to the few voices that can be heard in the blogosphere setting the record straight. for years i have been contributing to these increasing voiced of dissent. here are some of the thoughts i have put forward

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